Water Restoration:

A Water loss is terrible for any home or business. We want to take the worry out of your loss by responding quickly to your emergency with professionals that know how to use their skills and equipment to prevent secondary losses (to Structure and Contents) based on your unique situation. We bring our 20+ years experience of working with insurance companies to every phase of your unfortunate loss to minimize stress and anxiety that comes with any loss however large or small. We make sure that your home or business is completely dry before rebuilding begins to prevent any problems in the future from this unfortunate loss. Our recommendations of equipment necessary and monitoring ensures the fastest drying process that can be attained based on each unique situation. Satisfaction Driven, "GET CLEAN" with the A-TEAM, call 806-632-8150.

Fire and Smoke Restoration: Along with Odor Control

A Fire loss is terrible for any home or business no matter the size. Smoke and Odors left behind after the fire may be equal to or even more detrimental than the fire itself. We get the clean up started right away by removing dangerous charred building materials as well as securing the property to minimize secondary losses like Nature intrusions along with theft of items as necessary. After the initial assessment and securing of your home or business, we get started on removing salvageable items to be cleaned back to pre-loss condition. This Process is referred to as a "Pack-out". We also help with finding the best place to store your salvageable contents either onsite in a portable container or at our secure warehouse. Once your contents are removed, cleaned, and stored in a safe location, we begin removing more charred structural items and then work to remove the soot and odor left behind by the fire. Deodorization, using industry leading equipment is conducted in the next step before any reconstruction begins. All Smoke and odors are removed during this step and inspected by you the customer for satisfaction before our job is complete. Satisfaction Driven, "GET CLEAN" with the A-TEAM, call 806-632-8150.

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