It Takes More Than Elbow Grease to Fully Clean Grout

Leave the tile and grout cleaning in Lubbock, Texas to A-Steam!

Tile and grout is a popular choice for flooring because it is stain resistant and virtually maintenance-free. That doesn’t make it dirt and grime proof, however, and built up residue on your tile and in your grout can be hard to get out. Don’t spend hours scrubbing chemicals into your grout, rely on A-Steam Carpet Care for tile and grout cleaning services in Lubbock, Texas.

We apply the same steam technology that renews your carpets to break up and lift dirt, mold and other substances that soil your tile surfaces. Rely on A-Steam Carpet Care to clean the ceramic tile in your bathrooms as well as your commercial flooring. After a good strip, clean and rewax from A-Steam Carpet Care, your tile will look as good as, and probably better than, it did when it was installed! Call today for a free estimate.